Due to the overwhelming increase in crime and vandalism, many homes and businesses, especially those in high risk situations, are recognising the need for security cameras. L & M Security specialises in CCTV systems which are designed to operate continuously. In a business environment, security cameras are an everyday aid to provide a record of events, monitor employee efficiency, catch shoplifters and detect intrusion.

We provide you with the ultimate protection against your property, deterring thieves and assisting in Police investigations.

We install everything from complex-multi and single camera systems to IP security cameras with remote access or networked. Cameras can be used in a variety of setups such as a small shop or homes with only a couple of security cameras or larger buildings such as warehouses, factories and office building.

DVR – What it means

DVR stands for Digital Video Recorder(s). DVRs are used in conjunction with CCTVs to record the CCTVs image data.

NVR – What it means

NVR stands for Network Video Recorder. NVR’s are used in conjunction with network cameras that and remote access to both live views and recorded images. The NVR is used in conjunction with network cameras that capture images and then transmit compressed video over the network. NVRs can be used on a standard IP network.

What can our cameras provide?

Full colour, high definition, internal, external, pan-tilt zoom capabilities along with day and night modes. Options include ability to access your cameras remotely and watch over IP.

How do I know what CCTV system I need?

Our trained security specialists will complete a free assessment on your premises. Based on this assessment we can provide a solution designed to fit your home or business. To arrange this simply complete our online request form or phone 1300 734 087.

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